Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sweet Berry Farm

Located 1 hour from Austin in Marble Falls, Sweet Berry Farm is a great day trip for the family.

The farm is a family-run farm that has seasonal crops where you can pick your own produce and pay for it by the pound. In April, they have several acres of strawberries (see picture). The kids loved running in the fields and picking the berries. Everyone had red stained fingers, cheeks, and clothes.

You can buy cardboard boxes to fill with the produce, which they then weigh to determine how much to charge you. They should probably weigh the kids before and after setting them free in the fields if they really want to be compensated for the amount of fruit each family takes with them.

If you go, be sure to buy some of their homemade strawberry ice cream. It is a super refreshing treat, and markedly different from any store bought product.

The farm also has onions, tomatos, blackberries, and pumpkins, which rotate out as the seasons change. The total cost for the family including 2 boxes of strawberries, and 5 ice creams was $26. This was a cheap and happy-happy day out for the kids. It is also educational, since city kids these days may be hard pressed to explain where food comes from.

"It comes from the refrigerator, dad!"

Directions From South Austin Area
You will need to get on Hwy 71 west out of Austin . From Oak Hill you will travel west on 71 through Bee Caves, past Spicewood and on to the intersection of 71 and 281. It is about 25 - 30 miles from Bee Caves to the intersection of 281 and 71. Exit off of 71 onto 281 North, travel about 5 miles into Marble Falls. After crossing the bridge, you will need to turn left at the 5th red light. This light is at the intersection of 281 and 1431. After turning left onto 1431, travel west out of town. About 1.5 miles out of Marble Falls you will come to a red light out in the middle of nowhere. Turn right onto Fm 1980 and travel about 1.2 miles to the patch.

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