Monday, September 23, 2013

AT&T Uverse in Austin, September 2013 Update

(August 18, 2010): Our Uverse went down for a week. That hurt, because" I write, like, blogs and stuff." It was a bit of keystone cops trying to get it fixed. Support was very responsive on phone, responsive in sending someone out the next day to try to fix. He was not able to do it because it was an underground problem. He handed off to somebody else who was then transferred to another part of Austin before getting to us, so our repair job floated in limbo for 3 days. After several calls, they apologized and came out and fixed it. Not a fantastic process, but the people seemed committed to doing their jobs well. All in all a "B+" for attitude, and a "C" in execution. We threatened to go out and get Clear Wireless. I still might want to do that for our Internet, and keep the TV service.

(September 23, 2013): Uverse has worked out OK. Aside from a deep fear of having to use the AT&T support system again (has always been a nightmare), the signal, clarity, and Internet speeds have been good. We don't plan to switch to any Time Warner or any other alternative for the time being.

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ManguChao said...

Sounds good to have everything organized under Uverse. Sounds good to have a ATT Uverse coupon to ease things up a bit. Cheers